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not enough

 seems to hide things

even seen! Only the woman in front of her eyes. This is aMBT Shoes Clearance  woman into his Yingying Li, Kai red lips and said: 'heard Junye

lodging here, a small woman to ask the North especially the war, hope Junye hesitate to give words to disturb the Department,

the Wuling see the crime. '
Let into the room, chatting under the young woman found that not only looks outstanding, bearing Gao Hua, particular

knowledge extraordinary conversation, was actually not unusual than men, and two more talk more speculative, and sometimes we

lose track of time, Finally, the woman said: 'concubine care of this like climbing trees, but unfortunately not enough to

repair but could not edge, although the carrots in the minds of pregnant women, but hope Jun grand exhibition, the common

people to save the world untold miseries, yet we pray day and night, willing to Jun longevity stretches. 'Yanba got a gift,

and floated to go.
Suddenly empty house down, this young man then sat stunned, TV drama Women's nose seems to linger the faint light incense,

and he just has this faint speculation, but restraint did not dare to deep thought, this time himself to say by that woman,

as good wake-up call! This other woman, that such beauty and talent, enough to make the world total by the man himself

Hedeheneng actually kept their blue eyes, this is a marriage have taken, but because of his rash moment come to naught!
Many refused to take the youth to recover out of the room, found the woman one, lose the word is not good, and sincere

Qiuqin, and finally regain favor, so easy that they have formed a husband and wife in the Inner Challenge. "
Grow tone, float across the face of a smiling uncle, his eyes fell gently on the front of the tea cup, lost in a moment,

continued: "This is the nature of this young Jizao, Haoyongdouhen, bullies in the city have been fighting to kill , married

after failing to get a good wife of the wood for major changes reckless temper, although he is loved and of reading, but

without pointing out teachers, and now the good wife has extraordinary talent and learning experience, as if out of thin air

more than a President, and its wife is restrained and even modest wish is pointing husband would try to do without a trace,

in fact, where her husband is the person that such vanity stingy, only narrow-minded man who was not as good as people were

lightly for fear of it.
That they have to each other, Juanqimei, which had good wife and young people from the aid, benefit greatly trim the road,

and finally ... ... ... ... and finally make contributions to identify what this woman, his beloved wife, no one can see He

... ... meritorious deeds will be doing nothing that day with him, one of his lonely stay in this world ... ...
By now it had grown old, young, and he always thought, should the day that he did not go there Posthouse shelter, meet the

woman of his life, what would it look quite different?
Fate in life, how is the mysterious word to say where the.
After her death, although he has second wife, but it is the location of his wife but she was the only one ever, is no

substitute. When every night the total when the inevitable tears wet pillow, couch, that was encountered in the autumn woman,

the beauty, intelligence, experience extraordinary woman, and she has been living in his heart, even if the yin and yang, the

two separated, and never have had passed away a short short.
Now, he has not Shaohua riddled salty born knowing time is running out, deadline is approaching, though still wish

unfulfilled, but the task entrusted to worthy people who it wants, and she was waiting there for this long it is time to join

her, and is now the past, nor very sorry, hand, heart some joy.
Maybe go to is the blessing, people can only live alone immersed in memories, thoughts have suffered the bitter astringent

night, so I really do not want to re-live the ... ... "
He Yi Tan `the quiet, slowly, look outside, look like it falls through the bottomless memory of a bustling corner of Acacia

indulge in the deep-seated and can not extricate themselves.
... ...
I was shocked at him, and sometimes the waves crest of mind, he said very touching, listening to his heart exceedingly sad, I

know this is the story of his own, especially the last under his excitement forgot to replace the person, but the most to me

shock is the condensed version of this story, I was wearing to the history of opposition seen before! !
My eyes slid his neck, his position because of Tankan out of the window so that the collar is not tight package in the neck,

is that these gaps be, let me see the need to see ... ...
Thorn tattoo.
Although Chelsea is the only piece of a jigsaw pattern might not be, but the pattern is indeed a thorn in the neck tattoo! !
Sure enough, as documented in the unofficial history! !
After the shock, I looked at the fall of mixed feelings in his memory of the people, my dear uncle, you see through my dress

like a man - of course this has not much difficulty, but I accidentally, found you a little secret it.
But I do not intend to say broken.
Because I did not kneel hobby ... ...
Save the Queen Majesty.
Note: (1) "Historical Records. Huaiyin Hou Biography ":" Cardiff were hard into easily understood power failure, when the

person is sooner lost too. When almost, it will not come. "
                  Chapter 21 miles Autumn regular guest
Guo Wei (904 ~ 954), the word, Fan. Xing Zhou Yaoshan (now Hebei Longyao) people, 18 years military service. Later Jin

Dynasty after the end helped the founding of the Han emperor Liu Zhiyuan, either as a senator Fushi. Hidden Emperor Han so

when he was senator, put down the river, Yongxing, Fengxiang three towns rebellion. 951 was crowned as emperor, built Later

Zhou Dynasty. Temple name Dynasty. (1)
During his reign, internal reform and convergence harsh taxes, abolition of cruel torture, get rid of long-standing abuse,

and the people rest, Foreign keep on Khitan, Korea, Uighur, South Han Asian countries are tribute to concede defeat, so as

the Five Dynasties, the Later Zhou Sheng strong MBT Shoes Saledynasty and watch their performance, in fact, generation of British Lord.
Although the traditional through the law, will wear for the emperors, the important historical figures in and around women, I

am lucky enough to harbor the thought that he could escape, did not want to meet the emperor, had to pay a dog S transport,

really vulgar, of the Pacific boring ~ (Author: Do you find abuse!)
... ...
According to unofficial records, there is Chelsea pattern by Guo Wei neck design, it is called "Guo Chelsea."
Speaking of the emperor's nickname, I think the most shocking of the Five Dynasties and Ten States than the same period of

the founding emperor of Former Shu Wang, a person must be a teenager ought to slaughter cattle, theft, trafficking in salt

for a living, and therefore a "thief bastard" and said ... ... This is actually the history of all records, to make people

speechless really sturdy, but it also shows the hero Mowen source? By contrast, "trafficking organizations shoes fit the

shoes" Liu Bei is nothing. Guo Wei was born ultimately by the groom when the Emperor, the legendary enough, in addition to

"peer" Monkey King as the Monkey King (joke), it seems that there is no second person. However, successive monarchs born or

to be the most powerful emperor, the monk / beggars origin, unless the emperor Wei Xiaobao talent and he reluctantly Yipin

... ...
Guo Wei is suffering because of birth, know that Lebanon's woes, so even after accession to the throne is still very frugal

life, and even death when asked to "paper, clothing, tile coffin," buried, for not disturbing, the workers are served only

"and employed", that official money and employment of manpower. The recruitment of nearly thirty hills nearby residents, Juan

the complex kept taxes, so keep as. Not repair underground palace, did not mention Shou Ling Temple, nor emperor, like other

tigers in the hills before the legislature 石羊 Shiren Shima to charge scenes. Jane was buried as a feudal emperor to this

point has been difficult to got.
Guo Wei was the famous treats others with generosity did not stand, his treatment of courtiers to write the history books are

very kind, and sometimes even close to accommodation, for the airing of the subjects as not quite hear what he is talking not

mind, to encourage ministers outspoken in terms of governing the country, not blindly false picture of peace, a rare open-

minded of the emperor it! As for offending his ministers, he was excused to be of as much as possible, governance and

management of the subjects as aspects of the State reflects the style of his usual generosity.
I knew him only when he was an ordinary uncle, guess he did at the most are young soldier's commander fills it really did not

think the emperor to the present. Between people is really a fate perhaps, I just think he is very cordial and very easy to

get out of "inertia", even if seen through fear of his identity has no excitement, as always, feel that warm gentle, yes, is

not to pressure in people who are relaxed uncle.--------------
Rain has returned into Ruoyouruowu way, an umbrella appeared Yizu, some will not hold up an umbrella a long time wet clothes,

between heaven and earth is implicit times between the colors, shades of high ash, subtle hue changes, like a moist

watercolor Yat consistent.
Thought of just temporary, he said the words were: "girl, to treasure the fate of people like to be sure to catch, missed a

lifelong fear will regret."
Smile, I miss the fate of the words written on the face of you, why beat me ... ...
`I have a spot and the line slowly, with Liu Changqing is Qingyin" rain wet clothes invisible, Xian Hua fall silent to listen

to, "did not look out the alley next to a" silent "way out of one person, head down, also do not know what , went straight to

the horse to hit me over, I hasten to a Le reins, very suddenly I was some Le's fierce, almost frightened the horse, has been

behind the servant could not help but shouted: "duh! you Zhesi Why not walk with eyes! how soon people aboard hit his head

down! "
I quickly stopped, I also get distracted, or you will not be noticed in front of people that should not be his "full

responsibility", so fierce people inverted image is my servant bully vertical working people do.
The man surprised, staggered two steps to stabilize the body, indefensible, busy salute to apologize not cope, to be looked

up, he and I were shocked!
"Table, Miss!"
This man is the nunnery Mo Li Guihong!
My hands Jinjinzuanzhu saddle bridge, tried to stabilize the body.
Warp ... ...
"How do you here? ... ... Only you people?" Be looking hard, to calm down about the thought disorder, I dismounted, throwing

the reins servant, went to look for asking the red and black front.
"Small to Beijing in your doctors, who actually wander into the doctors to think that, alas ... ... are for that matter had

just a small annoyance, actually do not want to miss the mount of the table clash, but also hope Miss Shuzui table."
"Please doctors?! Who is sick?!" Is ... ...
Mo aim at complex look behind me, hesitantly.
"You go back," I said from the person behind him, "my horse away and I go back for a while."
Until that servant to run away, red and black only whispered: "Miss found."
Ah? Yes, Qingluan ran away, do not be caught they come back? "And Zhang know would like to join?"
Mo surprised a moment, look a little odd, paused before: "forget the small, table, Miss do not know ... ... ... ... my family

did not miss her and Zhang Gongzi in one place ... ..."
What do you mean? ?
... ...
`I do not know how to get home.
Into the main hospital, Bixi and the clouds went up, the clouds, said: "Oh, miss, can come back, do something really wrong

with the small four-post and called a person to stay in the street, Miss!" Soft curtain Bixi playing MEI "Miss the tide

quickly changed clothes strike, has been prepared under the blue soup, please, Miss shower ... ..."
"Bixi clouds come over you," I sat in the hall on the center, is content: "The first haste to, I have something to say."
They look at my face, lovingly came.
"Thanks to you to take care of for so long, I am very grateful, tomorrow morning I'm going back to the http state of the ...

"Ah? How to get to that Jia?"
"Son know?"
"Yes, how to say it ... stay away ..."
I cut them to the thread of her conversation, "just decided, and not enough time to tell you son," said Rong-up brother been

a while coming, and I always suspected he was my last words scared feminist, "so there are labor You tell him, say I'm very

grateful to him for so long to take care of, this isCheap MBT Shoes  no time to hurry to go face to face farew

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little lady

 At this point the restaurant had been filled withMBT Shoes Clearance  people, standing in front of a blue scholar looked around and saw men

dressed in the Zi Jin-only their own table, and went over.
    Scholar of Zi hibiscus smiled slightly: "The Xiongtai can take a table?"
    Zi Jin-back a polite smile and said: "Please feel free to."
    That scholar is no longer polite to a pot of rice wine and sat down opposite Zi hibiscus, hibiscus eyes follow the ZI

people who looked out the window: "Xiongtai an outsider?"
    Zi Jin-Light nodded his head: "Today was to."
    "That's no wonder the." Pretending to be mysterious scholar said.
    "What say you?" Zi Jin-light a sip of wine, casually asked.
    Scholar: "The ordinary day week Liangcheng not the case, you look at the Yao people, which are specially came from the

cottage of."
    "Oh, is it? Why?"
    Yaotouhuangnao to show off the student: "The Legend of former Yao Chen Yao is open towards the female emperor who reigned

during the annual sacrifice to come back in July, Halloween, and Royal will be left in the Yao chenshi some learning

Customs, provided that the Emperor Yao Chen wants satisfied, the week will advance to the palace of the high platform

Liangcheng ritual, bless incense sustainable dynasty generations. "
    Zi Jin-slightly thought a moment: "Yao Chen has been killed after all, these years ... ... and today is not July 15."
    Mysterious scholar said: "Although the death of Chen Yao, but our king is the former Empress, naturally the former royal

customs are maintained."
    Zi Jin-slightly froze a moment, the hearts of minds of the more important: the "So what?"
    Scholar frowned: "said a long time, how can you not understand? King tomorrow we satisfied in weeks, after Liang Cheng,

ah, so tonight will ritual, the more you look in the direction towards the palace, people

The more. "
    "Boom!" Zi hibiscus raged about the head, she suddenly got up: "Sikou Huan Xiang, the wedding tomorrow?!"
    A pull Zi Jin-scholar looked nervous around loud: "How could address him by the monarch title son ... ..."
    "Sikou Huan Xiang wedding in tomorrow?!" Zi grabbed the student's breast Geun hard voice asked.
    Scholar at the Zi Jin-killing eye, nodded repeatedly as: "No one said ... ... tomorrow is a good day once in ten years,

the country's crown prince on the throne ... ... tomorrow is three days before the monarch issued edicts in the Chao

Goddess is satisfied off the report after the world, Wong list is only yesterday that we Zhou Liang Cheng ... ... ... ... son

of the public is not the first to let go? "
    Zi hibiscus heart cut out as if being alive under a piece of cold hands and feet cold, dark Mouzhong a trance. Wood to

let go her hand, step by step out of the restaurant, with the joy of the crowd

Step by step towards the direction of the palace.
Wind Hibiscus love-hate does not leave the picturesque Wife difficult survivor of God III designate marriage sometimes

complain blossom Total (c)
Chapter Word Count: 6410 Updated :08-12-27 09:57
    See Zi hibiscus to run away, then dressed in blue slowly hold up in the hands of the student sake, a drink, no half

points had just the color of cowardice.
    In front of a huge palace nearly a stone more than ten meters, nearly a thousand officers and men have the high-profile

cover your round, the external people blocked the streets near the palace has had a packed.
    Zi Jin-woodenly standing on a corner, looking at both the high platform, the so-called Americans who, in order to flower

appearance, the sound of birds, in the Month of God, the willow for the state, the jade bones, ice and snow for the skin,

Autumn is the

Attitude to poetry for the heart. It is this world of high stage two of a rare beauty, a good fit was dazzling.
    Eyes slightly hot, Zi Jin-driven to distraction, step by step walk the opposite direction of the crowd.
    White ... ... No, Sikou Huan Xiang, why do you lie to me? Why lie to me? I said, nobody important, I want you is to you,

ah ... ... ... ... But you, why lie to me?
    You were afraid that I hold you to go? ... ... When are fake? Since you like her to marry her, why did not personally

tell me? No! I do not believe it! You do not, you will not lie to me ... ...

You must not voluntarily! Sikou Huan He must force your music! Yes, you like me, has always been me, he wants you to is not

it? He forced you is not it? ... ... ... ... White one white

Determined to wait for me, so I save you!
    Is night, Sikou Huan Xiang, a cam bao, trying to cover that forehead tired tired of living color. Support his head and

his hands by sitting in the quiet garden, silently looked across a small bamboo, and seems to

Spiritual something, yet also seemed to be waiting for something.
    Qi Yongyue hidden behind a rockery, motionless, looking at the moonlight Sikou Xun Xiang, also seems to be waiting for

something. Trace of very light and fragrant slowly hit, Qi Yongyue a slightly stunned

Next, quickly covered his nose. Even so, or one step too late, he looked incredibly well-being behind the king tossed away a

little towards the side. Wang Lok carefully slipped his body to catch

Gently aside, does not disturb people in the garden.
    Weeks, the most northeastern corner of cool palace hall, has been abandoned for centuries, one of the founding legend of

Yao Chen died in Sydney after this Dianshang, theMBT Shoes Sale   house will never have peace. Founding female Emperor alive

This house has maintained the original appearance, until the female Emperor Jiabeng more and more of this house is not peace,

and later Empress Tokgo simply sealed the house, until today, this waste is still the breath of the house ghost house.
    Zi Jin-wandering around the palace, two back and forth, and finally found a gap in the northeast corner, and mixed to

jump into it. Zi Jin-long carefully against the corner station, dare to walk carefully outwards

. Darkness of the courtyard, the floor of the leaves, the faint hint of rot exudes taste, want this house that was abandoned

a long time.
    Just to the courtyard, behind the sudden turn on the lights, then turn around Zi Jin-shocked, but startled in place.
    Lanterns, a graceful woman standing, it must Lai and familiar face was stained with a touch of haggard, her arms still

hold a full-term baby Kankan.
    "Asked the fish down to the masters." The woman Angela bent over, to the Zhou Zheng Zi Jin-line had a palace ceremony.
    Zi Jin-two steps back, his face looked at the fish prepare for fall, neither overbearing nor to accept the fish off the

hibiscus Zi's looked. A long time, Zi Geun had just recovered attention: "the most worthy person who understands me, even my

Where it came from are regarded as accurate. "
    Pat the fish off the arms of the child, mouth formed the hint of a smile of charity: "masters to the fish than a little

late off the thought."
    Although the heart to know that the child is not white, and you can see this picture, ZI hibiscus, or extreme discomfort

in mind: "If you do wish to say so, you know I am not come to you."
    Hanging off the fish eyes, arms reaching ask the ask the children: "Nineteen years ago, an autumn, Jiangning a Zhengxing

small goods peddler, as of old lug out the door early bear, but did not return all night.

Cheng little pregnant lady pregnant to find a full three days before the pond outside the village found the foam was swollen

Zheng peddler's body, holding the stench of the corpse that little lady cried Zheng lost consciousness. Small Mother and

Zheng Zheng Shining

Child is moved to the village only a few years ago an alien, Zheng peddler and die so strange, the village people naturally

do not want it tainted with bad luck, no one has sympathy for young Zheng already widowed and four walls

Little lady. Happens at this time, a dignified woman of extravagance passing through here, it will be that little lady

rescued Zheng. The woman had plenty of promise but no child without a large family business women, on the delicate little

lady is, of Zheng Xi

Huan, not only helping that little lady cooking Zheng Zheng peddler's funeral, also recognized the little lady as Zheng Yi

women. After that little lady will be brought to the Cheng-year-old daughter, the woman left the Jiangning follow. "
    Zi hibiscus slightly frown, heart faint anxiety, unconscious on the floor the first two steps: "And then?"
    Lift off the fish eye look Zi Jin-a, Mouzhong can not say the complex, lowered eyes continued: "Zheng little lady with a

woman ever since, has attracted the wealthy live a sheltered life. The woman on

Cheng little lady even better than his own daughter, anything small lady like anything Zheng, even five hundred years and

never rush vague. Zheng said the city's doctor may be a small snake on the weakness of the body, but also in early pregnancy

Of experienced compassion, if you want to keep the belly of the baby, naturally have to take extreme care. That little lady

and Zheng Zheng Shining extremely affectionate, naturally want to keep the fetus might be a boy, so, every day

That miscarriage started drinking tonic, TV drama day point incense physical fitness, daily endure the pain of acupuncture.

Even so careful, Zheng little lady is still almost a miscarriage. This frightened the woman, and that

Since then sent the woman to follow every night day care. The second year of the summer, Zheng little lady with a life of

pain, day and night, five gave birth to a baby girl, but that child was born the people are not half-black and blue

Minutes in silence. Has been accompanied by a woman no matter the delivery room has a small bloody tragic death bed lady

Cheng, towards the baby's mouth to feed a graceful glow beads. Not long before that baby breathed, hair

Out of a very weak cry. "
    "This secret thing, how will you know?" Zi Jin-cold voice asked.
    Fish off the mouth revealing a touch of melancholy smile: "Zheng little lady told her daughter ... ... to give her a

brother, so she was six years old daughter has been obediently waited at the window. Then the whole reservoir

Jade Villa are looking forward to this child, whoMBT Shoes UK  would notice one-year-old child removed to eat and sleep, is waiting in the

back window that the delivery room? "

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Comrade Zhang Qi children look up to me and, still smilingMBT Shoes as always.
"Princess do not have to find someone to catch me, I'll go to the Princess Mu honest."
"Please, do not" hear "Muslim Princess" in the name, I suddenly bulging as the round ball deflated gas, lose with a smile pitiful to pull the sleeves clothing or jewelry Lao Zhang said:
"Everything is easy to talk thing. Otherwise, we discuss discuss the Falcon?"
Ki busy with my children seeing Tim gave a full cup of tea Zhang, Zhang gradually slowed his face, he tried to speak, I listen, also was the occasion, heard behind him suddenly there came a man whispered magnetic

"Bronze mirror behind the blue there are two liang of silver purse."
We were startled by startled, this stunned stare Anling back then.
An Ling ran very calm, just drooping eyelids tea.
Zhang is also very calm, eloquent and Anling contingent on a smile as tea.
I'm not calm, and jumped up rage and said:
"You're a fool Ki child, you you, but every day in front of my hair in the bronze mirror, but still did not find that there is money?"
Ki children Upset, large eyes suddenly yo fool only a small turn around, do not say anything.
I said:
"Ki children, also froze the do? Go and fetch the money to Dr. Chang."
When he finished, I turned to Anling Ceshou course, this lovely little stupid really stupid, the total always such role to play in the crucial moment.
I think I kicked him again tonight, call him, so now he will be so dispirited. No matter how small a fool I did the immediate solution, I should return good for evil, to coax him to coax the last

, Then said:
"However, tonight, well behaved children Oh, sister -"
I would not finish, then on the side head Anling I am going to ask to avoid the delicate hand on his head and went straight to bed, slept through.
My hand is still stiff in the air, in front of Zhang, looked very embarrassed.
Fortunately Ki children are holding money at the moment over, I would easily take a purse and handed over to Zhang, teeth and said:
"You old Province with some flowers!"
Zhang Mama Zui, a full tea look like enough food, going out.
'd Qi child alert, said:
"Dr. Chang, you seem to forget what?"
Zhang stopped sweeping the sweep table, cakes, racking our brains and said:
"Oh, they do not need to take, and you free free!"
I am also ashamed of one child and Ki, it said:
"Dr. Chang, as if ... ... you forgot to open the phase I drug."
Zhang sighed quite reasonable:
"Little lady ah, you call the old lady is not difficult? If I started a list, you quietly take the list to fill a prescription, if caught by the Princess Mu
Live, she can understand my handwriting ah! "
My forehead more than three black lines, sheepishly asked:
"What do you mean old?"
Zhang said: "Little Seiko is a common injury, but bruising, three to five days on the point of safflower oil is also good enough."
I Lie Liezui, and some can not be reconciled.
"It just helped me to have your pulse, is not it also open drug list?" Otherwise the fee is not high white flowers of the visits? Although I hate
Princess Mu, but the Muslim palace of the money and I no injustice Wu Chou, reasonable, and I still have to discuss with the Zhang Shiren the previous discussion.
Zhang Shiren shook sleeves, "Mrs. little more out of the way, boil the ginger drink to your family, then why waste money re-open list."
Yubi, Zhang Shiren puts the rhythm, let me Routong Chuaizhuo silver, go.
Door, Zhang Shiren suddenly remembered something, received a foot earnestness said:
"Oh, yes. Next time more gentle and you quarrel princess, the little heir, after all, not good complete injury. To speak of, what body injury
Small, if the cold heart of the Seiko will happen after the princess had a rude awakening. "
I gritted his teeth, angry enough to create misunderstandings, so can only watch Zhang Shiren wind away.
The whole most of the night, but also scared is scared, and even Zhang also decline the drug list, it was Zhang Shiren aliveMBT Shoes Clearance scrape two liang of silver.
You know, these two pieces of silver, and whatever the outcome is a third the price of the girl's life away, and some small government the girl would keep a small hospital on the life of money, just out of reach this twenty-two House ransom money.

The amount of drops of God!
Picking the old bird was right, this is the correct Zhang addicted.
Ah the old social evil!
The author has to say: do not know dear have not seen, this chapter a little stupid chilling.
Hey ~ multi-port with the children, ah, Pakistan Pakistan Centre is protecting the liver wife, she was out to "steal complete man", come back one foot to kick her husband out of bed genuine, then this is the odds Anling ah ~ hate it understand style

Princess ah ~
Wailing wailing woo woo!
Also offer "three screens collapse" of the picture:
[Img] dssz_2.jpg [/ img]
Chapter XV
Recently, I was a little stupid for not wait see.
I was very upset.
Not to kick you kick it? As for it? I lie to your mother put into the Muslim palace, causing me to miss a great marriage; your dad play the fool, do evil; you Biaoyi, uncle, aunt told me cynical,

Hiding in the corner ready to stab my knife; girl old maidservant carrying call me a "barbarian child", bullying, close my bright girl Ki children ... ... all in all, I have put up.
The princess so gently, the dough's kick your foot, but also ensure you are not allowed to kick smart, how can you get mad to do this but me?
I was wronged melancholy.
However, little fool still does not wait to see me.
This morning, even worse.
I reflected on the small stupid waist injury, they graciously at the dinner table cloth for him a few dishes. Mu, Mu Princess seeing, eyes delighted, thinking that I have accepted the fact that the small idiot

. Wang Wanrong, Chen Xian soft and others will see it is that face Zhu Er, one said: "nephew has a wife takes good care of, cousin blessed to enjoy the future." A: "The young couple loved each other, afraid of not more than

After a long Anling family would add a. "Yan Yan a table of people laughing, even the little eight-expression An Lingxiao Pharaoh also nodded and said:
"Very good! Very good!"
I quietly listened to the whole face Mei Xiao heart only when they mouth fart. Wanted me to be the "three sister in law", another eight life now! Today, such a spoil little concerned about the stupid, but because the public

The main heart is good, so unworthy of his own foot pedal.
While I was hesitant, side dishes and chopsticks folder will put to Anling natural bowl, the bowl mended little idiot suddenly push forward, my hand tucked vegetables, froze in the air.
Little idiot seems not look my embarrassment, put down the chopsticks did not look up with eyes on the road:
"I'm full, busy house to the yard to feed."
Yubi, got up and waved his sleeves and really, not a cloud to go away.
My delicate hand still stands in the air, the wind.
I do not know probably everyone at ease, but still cheerfully if not I do not exist, hard steak dinner.
I shook, after all, the dishes on the chopsticks or out in the table. Qi is the most children know my heart, I'm busy bending the folder for the same dish into the bowl, with a smile siege:
"Princess dish off the table that, I re-cloth for your time."
Instant, I finally get back point of mind, all barely twitched to her mouth.
"Bite, bite."
In fact, little stupid to me, "not wait see the" not limited to this one. From that kick, the little fool as if by a great insult, and ignore it when I, at night, playing patience to actually

By their own hold the dragon room, lie on chaise longue.
However, I do not want Anling conscious and his bed, which naturally is good. In fact, married into the Muslim palace of self, not a small fever and vomiting stupid that I fell into convulsions, the new beds for patients has always been a separate

Sleep. Some time ago I was worried about the two of us getting better one day, after all, complete bed to face the couple's clothes helpless situation.
Now he obediently went to bed chaise longue, I will be blunt occupied bed. It stands to reason, it is big and good, but I was not happy in any case.
Heart vague, feel things out of strange.
Could there, my foot really kick the little stupid to understand? Otherwise, why he behaved like an ordinary person in the dynamic is completely at odds with me? If this is the IQ of a six-year-old fool, in the

See, I just hung up the apron when the blush is not it?
I claim the right Zuo is not a reasonableMBT Shoes Sale clue. But there is one thing, I'd remind the Ki of children under the banner enlightened.

Par laterwhen - 0 commentaire(s)le 10 mars 2011

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